~Ashley IS empathy and compassion and holds that space with courage. I always know that my Truth is safe with her... and that I am safe with her. She helps to find ways to gently process painful emotions, and release detrimental mind patterns. She works from a heart-space of love, nurturing and comfort. With Ashley, you open up and you will receive a healing.

~ Cheryl Lynn


~Working with Ashley has completely changed me.
She is a person whom I trust with my whole heart and soul..... she truly has an amazing gift, talent and ability.
I had no idea when I first began working with her just how profoundly my life would shift.
From my own personal healing journey and self work to group training and 1:1 training, I have grown so deeply and learned so much from her and with her.
I am blessed to have her in my life, and so very grateful.
I give her the highest recommendation.
Thank you Ashley for being who you are and sharing your light with us all
~ Alyssa Huntley

Working with Ashley is always a pleasure. She's kind hearted and honest and will help bring out the inner light to shine. She has helped me through my lowest points and showed me ways to stand tall even at my weakest. I recommend her to everyone, she truly is a gift!!!~ Vanessa Sieger

~Ashley is absolutely amazing. I had the best time ever in her reiki class! Laughed, learned and lived a lot! She's extremely insightful and knows just what you need. Be it hypnosis, reiki, emotion code or anything else. Ashley has a huge heart and gets down to business.~ Marion Hurlimann~ Blackburn

~I first met Ashley in 2011 when I received my Reiki Level 3. She made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. She was open, honest and always available for questions or support. She has an energy about her that makes you want to be in her presence. I loved taking coursed from her and can't wait for the next one.~ Allegonda Heesakkers

~Where do I start? My life has not been easy, let's just say that. I met Ashley at a women's retreat 10 years ago. Through her kind loving heart and amazing skills and knowledge she helped me rid the things I was holding onto from my past. Ashley freed me to live an amazingly happy life. I still use her techniques she taught me today!! Thanks Ashley xo~ Sheryl Sheridan

~  Ashley guides us back to the principles we forget when we are swallowed by material consumption rather than our inherent spiritual beings. If you are looking for your purpose Ashley will work with you to guide you back to where your values are found to create a more fulfilling spiritually and family centred life.
Why sit and ask what if? Go - explore you life choices and chances with Ashley.~ Amy McClocklin

~Ashley is empathetic, caring, and passionate about what she does. She approaches each client and each session with an earnestness that can't be faked. She's helped me clear my mind, get rid of old, unneeded emotional baggage and I am forever in her debt."~ Cris Johnson

~Ashley started me on my journey from nursing into different healing practices. Meditation hypnosis reki were just the beginning for me. Ashley O'Connell has been there to help me explore and learn~ Althea Quin


~When I first met Ashley I was instantly drawn to her peaceful vibe and calm eyes. I came to her desperate for help to heal my relationship with food. After an hour long session I left feeling lighter and happier with a lot of clarity and new concepts to consider. A few weeks later I noticed I was no longer thinking about my next meal while eating the previous meal nor was I snacking at night or eating beyond fullness. By the one month mark of seeing Ashley I was down 5 pounds and 11 inches! She's powerful and incredible! ~Kelsey Connell


I have had the pleasure of being a student in a few of the classes that Ashley has taught over the years. She is an amazingly patient teacher and does her best to make sure you understand the information. She genuinely loves to teach and you can see her wonderful energy shine through. You will not be disappointed with any of Ashley's services and/or classes. I recommend her to clients whenever I can.

~ Cathy Ourednik

~I found Ashley at a time in my life when i was quite distressed. After loss and overwork zapped my energy I felt the call to train with Ashley for my reiki level one. The experience was incredible. Set in one of the most beautiful historic buildings in lindsay (where I did my training) ashley welcomed us with ease and grace. I was very nervous coming intonmybL1 because I had no idea what to expect. Meeting Ashley totally removed my discomfort. Simply being around her is settling. When she speaks her wisdom echoes the ages and even in general conversation she tends to drop beautiful nuggets of wisdom. The l1 training itself was a bit intense in terms of the subtle energetic body. Ashley did an excellent job to speaking to that which is not seen. A talented meditative leader, and musician I found my self completely transported inwards. During the ceremony I felt strong energetic vibrations and truly felt the existence of my own suddenly not so subtle energetic body. She taught the proponents of reiki very well in an easy to understand and step by step matter. She might not be exactly by the book but she offers that type A experience via lots and lots of handouts and information. In fact the handouts and information have become very valuable to me in my teaching practice as a yoga instructor. After completing my level 1 reiki with ashley, I made an appointment to do emotion coding and sway therapy. Ashley is a very very talented and powerful healer. She somehow managed to look deep within me and pulled out some of the things hidden, buried within that I needed to work on. I looked her in the eyes numerous times stunned by her intuition and ability to communicate with source energy. Through our work together I was able to break through creative blockages, and utilize my reiki to help help myself emotionally. These tools offered by ashley have been key to helping manage my anxiety and depression in a big way. Ashley has the unique ability to look deep within someone and figure out how to help them most. Truly a power healer, Ashley's open heart, knowledgeable mind and beautiful smile are such a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to her guidance through my reiki level 2 and I am very grateful to have met her and to have come on board to train with her. ~Alexa Tomaszewski, 32, yoga instructor


~”Hey girl I just thought I would warn you I’m sending a few people your way to quit smoking!!! I’m passing the word as to how AMAZING I feel and that I don’t have a single craving or even a thought really about it at all!!!!!
~Mandy F.


~”I became aware of Reiki through a friend that was already receiving treatments from Ashley.  I decided to look into it and making an appointment with Ashley and speak with her about the treatment. I received my first treatment from Ashley and became intrigued with Reiki.  I continued to take treatments with Ashley and I found myself feeling better but within.  I felt a feeling of peace and well being.  I started to read books gaining knowledge and began to have a good understanding of this treatment.  I am a firm believer that Reiki treatments from Ashley have made me healthier and happier that I have been in a long time.  I decided to take my Reiki I course through Ashley and received my atunement.  I now give myself treatments and am truly amazed with the energy I feel in my hands and body.  Thanks to Ashley I have given myself a wonderful a wonderful gift and now have additional tools to help myself.  Meeting Ashley has surely been a blessing and a very positive experience for me.  Give yourself a life altering gift that is truly amazing.  Thank you Ashley.”
~Sandra T.


~”After my first hypnosis session, I felt very relaxed and very calm.   I noticed that my confidence was already improving just days after my session. Now, when I start to feel anxious, I remind myself that I am confident, strong woman.
My second session went very well too.  I learned self-hypnosis and ways to work with my son to help better his behaviour (which has noticeably improved).
I look forward to working more with Ashley to help build my confidence; I would love to be a strong public speaker and to attract positive people my way.  I know that working through hypnosis will help better my life in so many ways.
Thank You Ashley!”


~”Not sure I ever really thanked you for helping to set me on the right path. The Reiki treatments and the positive affirmations (and pep talks) pretty much turned me around. Life is so much better now. Things seem easy. The sky is bluer! If ever I feel myself slipping, I start with the most basic “I am happy. I am healthy.” School is fantastic. I’ve learned so much, and the new career path is just what I needed. I feel like I’m flying high and so excited about what’s ahead. You do your job well. Hope to see you soon for Reiki Level 2. Thanks, Ash!”




~”I had problems getting and staying asleep for a number of years.  I chalked it up to menopause and after being prescribed numerous medications which wore off after some time, and made me feel like I had been hit by a vehicle, decided to try hypnosis at a friends suggestion.
Almost immediately after my first session I noticed a difference. I actually slept.  Not so much tossing and turning with the blankets and pillows ending up on the floor.  My energy increased and after each session, sleeping continued………not perfect but much, much better…..and the fact that I wasn’t worrying all day about not sleeping the night before or not getting to sleep that night, was a huge lift off my shoulders. I plan on continuing with the group hypnosis as a preventative.
Ashley is wonderful……a kind, warm soul who listens to your hearts worries.”
~ Sheila W.


~”I have been to many counsellors in my life that have not been able to even crack the surface of my problems. Ashley and her use of the emotion code, combined with hypnotherapy, has truly changed my life. I have been set on my correct path; a rather potholed road but the future looks smoother than ever. I would recommend it to any of my friends.”
~M. L.


~”The Emotion Code is like no other work I have experienced. Having personal knowledge and experience in psychotherapy I was amazed at how quickly and accurately the Emotion Code is able to get to the heart of the matter and balance the issues of dis-ease within. Being a therapist myself, I understand how the emotional and mental issues one holds on to both consciously and unconsciously holds us back from allowing our great potentials to transpire. The Emotion Code helps break down these walls, with simple yet extremely effective tools that will leave the receiver transformed and balanced for the better.
Ashley’s knowledge, sensitivity and compassion for each person working with her shines through in every session. With an ability to look within and “see” what needs to be addressed, you can trust you are in good hands with Ashley O’Connell. My recommendation is for everyone to give the Emotion Code a try, and experience for yourself the lasting benefits it provides. If you are seeking, and unsure where to go next, the Emotion Code is a safe, effective and healing place to explore.”
~Beth McKean,
Shiatsu Therapist and Intuitive Healer

~”The Emotion Code is effective and powerful.  It is quick, easy to share and leads to immediate results.  I have supported many people with the Emotion Code and it is always an enlightening and transformational experience.
Ashley is a compassionate and positive facilitator.  She guides people through their transformations with grace and love.   She is a blessing and it is an honour to join her events.”
~ Caroline Denby


~”When I first went to hypnosis I expected it to be somewhat like what everyone assumes. That I would not be able to control what was happening. However it was not like that at all! Ashley helped me realize that I can access my subconscious thoughts through a state of relaxation. And with that I can change my thinking to positive thoughts, to help me feel better. She has also taught me how to use positive thoughts all the time. The improvements that I have seen from this are I have lots of energy again, I am happy and have a positive way about me! My family and friends have also noticed this change.”


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