Upcoming Holistic Hypnosis Certification in Muskoka!!

A  course for those who may be on their own healing journey, and perhaps wish to help others along the way. With a dynamic team of instructors, you will learn some of the more traditional hypnosis teachings as well as powerful holistic teachings. This program is designed to bring personal transformation for the student, with the intention that they will pass along that transformation to others



Who might be interested?  


Social Workers/Counselors
Healthcare practitioners intending to incorporate hypnosis as a complement to their current practice
Holistic health workers
Medical professionals
Entrepreneurs seeking to run their own private practice
People seeking a career change
People seeking self-development and self-improvement

See the full program outline here; 




Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, which works with the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual aspect of the individual to clear blockages and restore balance.   Reiki sessions are relaxing, stress reducing  and healing experiences.  Your session may include intuitive reading, aromatherapy, and gemstone therapy.  
Ashley is a Reiki Master/Teacher and frequently offers classes. Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II as well as the Reiki Master Class are all offered.

Reiki Level I:

This is an introductory class into the world of Reiki.  We will cover the precepts of Reiki, the Five Reiki Principles and more. You will receive a Reiki atunement, enjoy meditations and discussions; you will learn how to give a full body treatment, and all students will enjoy a relaxing full body treatment from the group.  Reiki Level I is a full day class. 
 There is Pre-Requisite Reading for this class.  

Course cost is $150


Reiki Level II:

Reiki Level II will further your knowledge, understanding, as well as  deepen your connection with Reiki.  In Reiki Level II students learn 6 Reiki Symbols  what they are all about and how to use them.  Student’s receive their second atunement to the Reiki Energy. We move through meditations, learn how to offer mental/emotional healing and practice offering distance sessions.  This is a very interactive and energetic class!   Reiki Level II is the Practitioners Level of Reiki.  There is no Pre-requisite reading for this class.

Course Cost is $300


Reiki Master Class:

The Reiki Master Class is for the Reiki Practitioner who wishes to further their knowledge of and connection with the Reiki Energy. Upon completion of this course, the Reiki Master may move forward and teach Reiki Classes if he/she wishes.  In the Reiki Master class you will receive your 3rd Reiki atunement. You will participate in sacred ceremonies, and learn how to offer them.  You will learn how to atune others to the Reiki Energy as well as how to offer Reiki Classes.   There is some pre-requisite work required for the Master Level of Reiki and is decided on an individual basis.

Course Cost is $650.



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