Spirit of The Mountains

Journey to Peru

March 26- April 6 2018

Join us on this sacred journey of healing and connection as we explore the magical and sacred country of Peru.  We will work with Shamans,  visit ancient sites, camp in the  beauty and remoteness of the Andean Mountains and finish our time in the Amazon. 

Trip Highlights for 2018!

Nazca Hummingbird
For those interested in the additional itinerary we will fly over the Nazca Lines
Rainbow Mountain Peru
We will visit the remote and beautiful Rainbow Mountains in Peru
MT Ausengate
We will spend a few days camping in the Mountains, travelling by Horseback.
Machu Picchu
We will explore the wonder and Mystery of Machu Picchu, one of the 7 Wonders of The World
Ballesta Islands
For those interested in joining us a few days early we will take in the beauty of the Ballesta Islands
Sacred Valley
We will explore the Sacred Valley
We will be working with 3 different Shamans during our journey. Participating in ceremonies to connect with the Mountains, the land, to release old energies and invite in new and fresh energies.
Oasis_Huacachina Peru
Dona Berna
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You are welcome to view the entire itinerary! Please click on the document provided

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